Frequently Asked Questions (Coaches)

643 Sports Recruiting is a recruiting network that allows student athletes (“Players”) who play baseball and Coaches (College, HS & Club Teams) to create a profile and interconnect regarding opportunities to participate at the collegiate baseball level.

Having access to a player database where they can narrow their search for players by different specifications and determine which players they want to follow for prospective recruiting.

HS & Club coaches play a key role in the recruiting process as a credible referral source for college coaches and guide for players in their search for the right collegiate baseball fit.  They can create a profile to associate with their players thru the site, post video links of their players as well as communicate directly with College Coaches thru the site.

Coaches need to be official and certifiable members of their respective programs, intramural only coaches are excluded.  Additionally, no coach at either level, whether College, HS or Club can be associated in any way with a professional baseball league and/or organization, entity or have any direct or indirect association with a professional baseball entity worldwide.

Creating a Coach’s Profile is simple, go to Register as Coach and include your basic information, such as name and member type (Coach).  Profile can then be edited to include your basic information.  Other profile tools include following other coaches & players, a profile activity feed in which Coaches can post their links for important information on their program including videos, articles, events (camps) and accolades, among others. College Coaches can also exchange direct messages with other coaches and 643 Sports MGMT Staff.

Players need to be currently attending HS grades 9-12 or College.  They also need to provide information for a parent and/or legal guardian (over 18 years old) to register and create a profile.  They won’t need to be certified by a HS or Club Coach to join the site, although they are encouraged to get them involved.

Yes, you can follow and befriend another coach and/or player (assuming the friend request is accepted).

Direct communication thru the site is only available between Coaches (College, HS/Club/Travel) and 643 staff including recruiters and directors.  No player will be able to contact you directly thru the site.  Coaches will have access to a player’s contact information thru his profile.

Yes, you can email us at or contact us thru the site.

Go to Settings> My Account > Change Password in your profile to change or reset your password.


Please refer to our Terms & Conditions  for all detailed user requirements and remedies.

Including a video in your Photos & Videos Gallery is easy, just follow this tutorial we have prepared for you:

How to add a video to the Photos & Videos Gallery in your 643 MGMT Profile

A blue certified chekmark in a user profile means 643 personnel has prepared an athletic review on the player’s profile.