Frequently Asked Questions (Players)

643 Sports MGMT Recruiting is a recruiting network that allows student athletes (“Players”) who play baseball and Coaches (College, HS & Club Teams) to create a profile and interconnect regarding opportunities to participate at the collegiate baseball level.

Providing eligible players of all income levels an equal & affordable opportunity to get noticed by College Coaches and Recruiters thru our site.  Also, providing accurate and reliable information on how to manage the recruiting process and give yourself the best opportunity to get recruited.

Players need to be attending HS grades 9-12 or College.  They also need to provide information for a parent and/or legal guardian (over 18 years old) to register and create a profile.

Player membership is FREE for student-athletes who register. That includes FULL access to all our value added profile tools as well our site support.

MLB Draft AnalysisVideo & Other Services carry a separate cost.

Creating a Player Profile is simple, go to and include your basic information, such as name, email and member type (player).  Profile can then be edited to include your athletic, academic and contact information, among others.  Other profile tools include following coaches, a profile activity feed in which players can post their links for videos, stats, articles and accolades, among others.

All NCAA (DI-DIII), NAIA and NJCAA coaches can have free profiles in our page.  Our objective is to get you noticed by coaches and recruiting coordinators over all collegiate baseball athletic levels.  HS & Club Coaches can also have free access to our page and play a critical role in the recruiting process

Yes, you can follow and befriend a coach (assuming the friend request is accepted).

No, communication between players and coaches thru the site is blocked.  You can only write a post on your own profile activity timeline.  However, a coach can contact you since your contact information and that of your parents/legal guardian is included in your profile.  Keep in mind that, in the case of NCAA College Coaches, they are required to comply with NCAA regulations that define under which conditions they can communicate with recruits.

There are several best practices we recommend for players to get noticed, among them are:

  • Provide accurate information – This is the most critical part of the process. Be honest and upfront about your information, specially your athletic ability.  If you are a pitcher and your fastball tops out at 85MPH don’t put 87MPH to impress a coach.  College Coaches will know when the information you provide is inaccurate and that will essentially eliminate your chances of being recruited.
  • Upload quality video – Providing quality video is another critical ingredient of the recruiting process.
  • You need to prove that the athletic information in your profile is accurate, whether it’s your 60Yd Dash time or your INF/OF MPH if you are a position player, ensure coaches can see the radar gun and stopwatch on your videos.
  • Take proper angles on your video – For example, while hitting a side, back and front view is recommended, while the same applies for defense. Make sure coaches can see and asses your tools, your speed, range, carry on your throws, your catch and throw release, how you track down a ball in the gap and so forth.  You can access our YouTube video channel for some examples on videos by position.
  • Include game videos – Whether you record or stream a live video to a social platform such as periscope, make sure you include videos of game action besides workouts.
  • Involve your HS and/or Club Coach – HS Coaches play a significant role in the recruiting process. They are commonly a reliable source for college coaches when assessing a player’s athletic ability and makeup.  Your HS Coach can certify your skills or offer recommendation to a college coach on your behalf.  They can also give an honest assessment on which collegiate baseball level might fit you best both athletically and academically.
  • Be reasonable – Baseball at the collegiate level is very competitive, regardless of the level. Focus on finding the right fit for you, if its NCAA DIII don’t try to find a school at the NCAA DI level as it will further delay your recruiting process and end up as a dead end.  Connect with coaches whose schools can be a proper fit athletically and academically.
  • NCAA – Per NCAA ByLaw # 1.1.1 Time Period for Off-Campus Contacts — General Rule.“Off-campus recruiting contacts shall not be made with an individual (or his or her relatives or legal guardians) before July 1 following the completion of his or her junior year in high school “  Source:
  • NAIA – NAIA rules don’t restrict when or how often you and college coaches can communicate. Source:
  • NJCAA – No specific restrictions on when a recruit can be contacted, however a recruit must have completed his/her junior year of high school or home school equivalent to be hosted on an official recruiting visit by a member college.  Source:
  • NCAA DI & DII – Below is the recruiting calendar with applicable periods for NCAA DI & DII Levels (Not applicable/required for NCAA DIII):
    • August 1-26, 2018: Contact Period
    • August 27 through September 13, 2018: Quiet Period
    • September 14 through November 11, 2018: Contact Period
    • November 12-15, 2018: Dead Period
    • November 16, 2018 through February 28, 2019 – Quiet Period [except for (1) below]:
    • January 3-6, 2019: Dead Period
    • March 1 through July 31, 2019 – Contact Period
  • NAIA – There is no recruiting calendar.
  • NJCAA – There is no recruiting calendar.

For non-international students you can download our College Baseball Eligibility Requirements & Reference Sheet 2017-18 available thru our site.  In it you will find reliable information & reference links, by Level, on college scholarships, athletics, enrollment, professional baseball, as well as academic, testing & financial aid.

For international students please refer to the following links: NCAANAIA, & NJCAA (Junior College)

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for details or our refund policy.


Yes, you can email us at or contact us thru the site.


Go to Settings> My Account > Change Password in your profile to change or reset your password.


Please refer to our Terms & Conditions  for all detailed user requirements and remedies.

You can request a blue checkmark certification after 643 personnel has prepared an athletic review on your profile. The blue certified checkmark will let coaches now that a 643 certified review has been added to your profile.  These reviews will be available after you have participated in a 643 sponsored workout or video session.

We neither market nor serve as agents to student-athletes.  We can’t guarantee the student-athlete will be recruited (with or without a scholarship offer).

We are allowed to do the following subject to NCAA By Law Talent Evaluation Services and Agents: Talent Evaluation Services and Agents:
A prospective student-athlete may allow a scouting service or agent to distribute personal information (e.g., high-school academic and athletics records, physical statistics) to member institutions without jeopardizing his or her eligibility, provided the fee paid to such an agent is not based on placing the prospect in a collegiate institution as a recipient of institution.

The suggested rating system reference guide used by 643 is the following:

5 Baseballs:

  • Among Top Level NCAA DI Prospects in the Nation.
  • Projected Elite Player in Top Ranked NCAA DI Program.
  • Top Draft Player.

4 Baseballs:

  • Mid to Top Ranked Level NCAA DI Program Prospect.
  • Projected NCAA DI College Regular and Elite NCAA DII & III, NAIA, NJCAA (JUCO) Player.
  • Possible Draft Player.

3 Baseballs:

  • Borderline Low to Mid Ranked Level NCAA D1 Program Role Player.
  • Projected NCAA DII & III, NAIA, NJCAA Regular Player.
  • Borderline Draft Player.

2 Baseballs:

  • Possible Low NCAA DII & III, NAIA, NJCAA Regular/Role Player.

1 Baseball:

  • Low Level NCAA & NJCAA DIII Role Player.

A review can only be written by a Coach on a Player’s Profile.  Players won’t be able to write a review.

*Player reviews are based on a Coach’s evaluation of the player and don’t necessarily represent 643’s assessment of the player’s ability or talent level.

Including a video in your Photos & Videos Gallery is easy, just follow this tutorial we have prepared for you:

How to add a video to the Photos & Videos Gallery in your 643 MGMT Profile