How we assist College Coaches in the recruiting process?

  • Academic Screening – Assessing a player’s academic standing before recruiting him allows coaches to zero in on players they are interested in and meet their program’s academic requirements saving time and effort, among others.
  • Player Profile Access – Coaches can follow players from other US states, Puerto Rico, and internationally without incurring in recruiting costs and limiting their recruiting efforts to a specific area.  We have recently added the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico, Panama, US Virgin Islands, Curacao, Aruba and expect to add Canada and other Latin American Countries in the coming months.
  • Player Database Search – By searching our player database, coaches can be specific on what type of player they are looking for and instantly get results and information on those players.
  • Control – Coaches control the recruiting process while not being subject to spam or unwanted communications through our page.  We aim to provide college coaches with a free, reliable recruiting and simple to use dashboard in a compliant environment.
  • Player Recruiting – We have recruiters in the US & PR continually looking for players serious about exposing their athletic and academic ability to colleges.
  • HS & Club Coaches (“HS Coaches”) can also create their free profile in our site and, among others, certify a player’s skills or communicate by direct messages with college coaches to provide a referral from a known source or facilitate the recruiting process.  Players are advised to engage their HS coaches as a key ingredient of the recruiting process.
  • Compliance – We operate with strict compliance with NCAA Recruiting Rules.  Coaches (College & HS) who serve as professional baseball scouts or are associated in any way to a professional baseball organization are not allowed to create a profile or use our site.