How does it work?

  • Player Profile – Student-athletes (“Players”) in HS grades 9-12 or College can create a profile without certification or invitation from a Coach.  This allows talented players to get noticed by recruiters even if not certified by a HS or Club Coach.
  • Coach Profile – Coaches can create a free profile through our site.  Contact information for College Coaches will never be disclosed by 643.
  • Player Database – College Coaches can access our full player database and query their search for prospective players by state, position, tools (60 Yds, FB Velo, Pop Time), academic requirements (GPA, SAT), Grad Year and commitment status, among others.
  • Follow – By following a player, Coaches will have visibility of his profile activity, including video uploads, posts & articles, among others.  This is ideal once a Coach decides to track or monitor a player’s activity.
  • Communication – Coaches choose and control players they want to follow.  To ensure compliance with Collegiate Recruiting Rules, there is no messaging capability between players and coaches thru our site.  Additionally, users won’t be allowed to post or reply to another user’s timeline or post.  Notwithstanding, College Coaches will be able to communicate through the site with HS/Club Coaches and 643 Sports MGMT staff with active profiles.  College Coaches are responsible for managing communication with a recruit outside of our page and subject to full compliance of Collegiate Recruiting Rules.