643 Notes – November 2019 Video & Game Showcase

By: 643 Staff (11/29/2019)

On November 11, 2019 we held our 1st Baseball Video & Live Game Streaming Showcase for uncommitted players in Cidra PR.  The position player workout showcased talented players who are available for Jan 2020 & 2020-21 school year.  The Live Game featured players in-game action against several pitchers from the 2020 class.

Check out video, 643 recruiting profile information & report for several uncommitted players from our event:

2020 CF Elvis Rumaldo (San Juan PR)

  • 5-11 / 160
  • B/T: R/R
  • 60 Yds: 6.7
  • Top OF MPH: 87
  • Uncommitted

643 Recruiting Profile: https://www.643sportsmgmt.com/user/elvis/

11/11/2019 Workout Report:  Plus runner with explosive 1st step.  Sound defensive actions, + arm with potential for 90+ throws as he continues developing physically.  Open stance with slight toe tap and quick hands/wrists.  Ability to drive balls with projectable power, perhaps not plus, but he will drive his share of balls to his pull side.  Very projectable prospect should stay in CF with a bat that shows some juice.

2020 CF Ian Velazquez (Carolina PR)

  • 6-2 / 145
  • B/T: R/R
  • 60 Yds: 6.6
  • Top OF MPH: 84
  • Uncommitted

643 Recruiting Profile: https://www.643sportsmgmt.com/user/ivelazquez/

11/11/2019 Workout Report:  Plus Plus runner with potential to be a 70-80 runner on a pro scouting scale.  Also defends plus and makes consistent contact, from a low handset, with some pop projected.  Development of added strength & power depends on how the frame changes since there is definitely room for 25-30 additional pounds that can enable power to manifest itself in his game further down the line.  Presently he is a top defender in CF with ++ speed and more than adequate arm strength for CF.  Dynamic player with game-changing speed.

2020 OF Angel Espada (Gurabo PR)

  • 5-8 / 155
  • B/T: L/R
  • 60 Yds: 7.4
  • Top OF MPH: 83-84
  • Uncommitted

643 Recruiting Profile: https://www.643sportsmgmt.com/user/angelespada36/

11/11/2019 Workout Report:  Though not the biggest or toolsiest OF, Angel does several things really well starting with his offensive approach.  The swing is sweet and very geared towards hard contact up the middle and to the opposite field.  Its a quick stroke that allows him to wait longer for pitches which shows itself in the quality of his ABs where he shows an advanced approach with a very discerning eye at the plate.  Runs below AVG yet has the arm strength to play a solid LF and perhaps more with development.  Angel will be a quality bat at the college level.

2020 OF Miguel Garcia 

  • B/T: R/R
  • 60 Yds: 7.4
  • Top Exit Velo (Hitting): 90
  • Uncommitted

643 Recruiting Profile: https://www.643sportsmgmt.com/user/Miguel123/

11/11/2019 Workout Report:   Miguel’s ticket to play college baseball is in his potent bat.  He has a short, powerful swing with some loft that produces hard drives to his pull side including balls hit @ 90 MPH exit speeds.  Miguel will hit his share of HRs in College and the rest of his defensive game will depend on how he continues to develop physically.  He doesn’t run or throws plus yet could play an LF with a Bat first approach to his game.  Very interesting player.

2020 OF/2B Raymond Torres (Carolina PR)

  • 5-8 / 175
  • B/T: R/R
  • 60 Yds: 7.4
  • Uncommitted

643 Recruiting Profile: https://www.643sportsmgmt.com/user/raymond0813/

11/11/2019 Workout Report:  Raymond’s swing is sound with a direct path to the ball.  His offensive game leads the way for him as a player.  He has an all fields hitting approach yet will need to integrate his lower half to his swing better in order to drive the ball more consistently.  He projects as a LF in college.

2020 SS Felix Armando Gotay Mercado (Trujillo Alto PR)

  • 5-10 / 142
  • B/T: R/R
  • 60 Yds: 6.9
  • Top INF MPH: 86
  • Uncommitted

643 Recruiting Profile: https://www.643sportsmgmt.com/user/fgotay1723/

11/11/2019 Workout Report:  A special athlete with a deceiving set of tools.  Despite not being close to reaching his physical potential, Felix already runs 6.7-6.9, throws average to + from SS and displays a quick bat with simple mechanics that produces hard gap line drives.  The other notable element of his game is his hands at SS which are soft and fast.  He is smooth and rangy and should stay at SS in College.

2020 SS Billy Alduey (San Juan PR)

  • 6-1
  • B/T: R/R
  • 60 Yds: 6.8
  • Top INF MPH: 82
  • Uncommitted

643 Recruiting Profile: https://www.643sportsmgmt.com/user/billy/

11/11/2019 Workout Report:  Billy has a lot to offer at the next level.  He is already 6-1 & strong, runs plus and has better than adequate arm strength to play SS at College.  His bat is a big part of his game as he already shows an ability to drive balls with pop to his pull side as well as use the middle of the field to stay inside the ball.  Defensively he showed soft hands and lateral quickness which project him to stay at SS in College with a potent bat.  Interesting player to see how he develops.

2020 SS Hander De Pena Patino (Carolina PR)

  • 5-8 / 145
  • B/T: R/R
  • 60 Yds: 6.9 -7.1
  • Top INF MPH: 84
  • Uncommitted

643 Recruiting Profile: https://www.643sportsmgmt.com/user/HanderDepenaPatino/

11/11/2019 Workout Report:  Hander is a dynamo with some dynamite.  He runs & throws better than well and he should improve as he adds some weight and explosiveness to his frame which is his biggest need.  He shows the full hands, range and quickness package to stay at SS in College.  He has very quick hands offensively and should drive some balls up the middle and oppo as he continues to add strength.  This is a true SS that should thrive in College given the opportunity.

2021 INF Fernando Ramirez (San Juan PR)

  • 5-9 / 149
  • B/T: R/R
  • Uncommitted

643 Recruiting Profile: https://www.643sportsmgmt.com/user/ferni8/

11/11/2019 Workout Report:  Fernando shows advanced fundamentals for his age.  He has some size and his frame hasn’t fully developed yet.  His soft hands project his defense well for his age.  There should be better run, throw and exit speeds as he continues to mature physically and gain explosiveness.  Once that part of his game catches up his advanced feel should allow him to play up to his tools.

2019 INF Giovanni Escobar (Rio Grande PR)

  • 5-9 / 115
  • B/T: R/R
  • 60 Yds: 7.1
  • Top INF MPH: 82
  • Available for Jan 2020

643 Recruiting Profile: https://www.643sportsmgmt.com/user/giomaes/

11/11/2019 Workout Report:  Sound middle infielder with ample room to add strength & weight.  Currently runs average to better and can play SS with adequate arm strength.  Offensively it’s a contact-oriented approach that should improve as he integrates his lower half better into his swing.  Giovanni can be a significantly different player with added juice to his frame, interesting to see how he develops if that happens.

2021 INF Orlando J. Maldonado (Rio Grande PR)

  • 5-10 / 140
  • B/T: L/R
  • 60 Yds: 7.4
  • Uncommitted

643 Recruiting Profile: https://www.643sportsmgmt.com/user/orlando/

11/11/2019 Workout Report:  Middle infielder with sound defensive fundamentals and room ti improve run & throw ith development work.  He isn’t overly fast or rangy but has the skill set to play the middle of the infield.  Bat is projectable with a sweet left swing that has some loft and oppo hitting ability.  The main need is strength.

2020 1B Luis Vazquez (Rio Grande PR)

  • 5-11 / 224
  • B/T: R/R
  • Uncommitted

643 Recruiting Profile: https://www.643sportsmgmt.com/user/Levazquez/

11/11/2019 Workout Report:  Bat first 1st baseman.  Made some solid contact, can be better by integrating his lower half better into his swing.  Will need work in range and arm strength to develop further.

2020 C Evan Fragela 

  • 6-1 / 200
  • B/T: R/R
  • GPA: 2.83
  • SAT: 1,010
  • Uncommitted

643 Recruiting Profile: https://www.643sportsmgmt.com/user/Fragela8/

11/11/2019 Workout Report:  Fragela continues to show a projectable bat with power potential.  The swing is compact with explosive hands through the zone.  Hits hard oppo line drives and can also drive to the pull side.  Adequate defensively should continue to improve playable arm strength and catch & throw fundamentals.  Great bloodlines, son of greatest female volleyball player to ever come out of PR, Eva Cruz.

2020 C Jeremy Martinez

  • B/T: R/R
  • Uncommitted

643 Recruiting Profile: https://www.643sportsmgmt.com/user/JeremyMartinez/

11/11/2019 Workout Report:  Jeremy’s most advanced skillset is catching defensively.  He has a very quick catch to throw transfer which helps his pop times to 2B.  The arm strength will need to continue to improve to catch regularly in college though presently he could project to be a solid backup at some level.  Offensively its more contact>drive although he did hit a fair share of line drives in the workout.

2017 C-INF Brayan Carrelo (Vega Baja PR)

  • 6 / 200
  • B/T: R/R
  • Pop Time: 2.0
  • Top INF MPH: 88
  • 3 years of College Baseball Eligibility

643 Recruiting Profile: https://www.643sportsmgmt.com/user/B.Carrelo/

11/11/2019 Workout Report:  Carrelo has always been known as a plus hitter everywhere he has played.  He hits the ball hard to the opposite field with an angled swing and a strong back leg as the driver.  He can play infield, including some short with 88 MPH arm strength yet his true future in college lies catching, a position for which he has a perfect frame projected for durability.  Despite not catching regularly previously he popped 2.0 throws to 2B that should improve further with daily catching fundamental work.  He previously hit .329 in JUCO D1 as an infielder.

2020 C Yadiel Gonzalez (Rio Grande PR)

  • 6-1 / 235
  • B/T: R/R
  • Uncommitted

643 Recruiting Profile: https://www.643sportsmgmt.com/user/Yadielsabad/

11/11/2019 Workout Report:  Yadiel can catch, his progress will depend on how much physical development he can go through and how much his arm develops.  The swing is more contact-oriented.

2021 C Javier Cruz (Ceiba PR)

  • 5-7 / 154
  • B/T: R/R
  • Uncommitted

643 Recruiting Profile: https://www.643sportsmgmt.com/user/Javy.09/

11/11/2019 Workout Report: Javier’s most advanced skillset is catching defensively.  He has sound receiving fundamentals.  The arm strength will need to continue to improve to catch regularly in college to be an everyday player at some level.  Offensively the swing is compact and contact-oriented.

2020 RHP Cristian Velazquez (Penuelas PR)

  • 6-2 / 186
  • B/T: R/R
  • FB MPH: 83-85
  • Uncommitted

643 Recruiting Profile: https://www.643sportsmgmt.com/user/Cristian/

11/11/2019 Workout Report:  Interesting arm with size, life, and potential from + development.  Fastball seems to cut at times as it approaches the plate with late life.  Breaking pitches have depth although he, at times, slows down his arm when throwing it which is something that can be easily fixed with mechanical work.  Legit potential to be 90+ MPH arm at some time in College.

2020 RHP Adrian O. Rivera Melendez (Toa Alta PR)

  • B/T: R/R
  • FB MPH: 81-84
  • Available for Jan 2020

643 Recruiting Profile: https://www.643sportsmgmt.com/user/Aomar01/

11/11/2019 Workout Report:  Athletic with sound mechanics and a fluid delivery, Adrian is an arm that can help a College program as soon as Jan 2020.  He possesses 2 promising pitches in his FB and Slurve, whose shape is more for downward than lateral break.  There is not much size projection yet he can definitely add weight & strength to his frame that will push his FB more towards the mid-high 80’s and make his breaker a more advanced weapon against experienced college hitters.

2020 RHP Bryan O. Rivera Melendez (Toa Alta PR)

  • B/T: R/R
  • FB MPH: 81-83
  • Available for Jan 2020

643 Recruiting Profile: https://www.643sportsmgmt.com/user/bomar02/

11/11/2019 Workout Report:  VERY similar delivery, arm & athleticism to twin brother Adrian.  He is more 81-83 FB with a slightly higher release point than his brother which makes his slurvy breaking pitch more of a downer than lateral breaker.  He can also help a College program as soon as Jan 2020.  Similar to brother Adrian, there is not much size projection yet he can definitely add weight & strength to his frame that will push his FB ++.

2020 RHP Luis M. Dominguez Guzman

  • B/T: R/R
  • Uncommitted

643 Recruiting Profile: https://www.643sportsmgmt.com/user/Manuel009/

11/11/2019 Workout Report:  Luis is only beginning to focus on pitching competitively thus there is rawness to his delivery and stuff.  On the other hand, he has an effortless arm action that touches 80 MPH on the Fastball that could play up as he refines his delivery and frame.  Needs work but has the size and perhaps he can make some strides and be considered to pitch at college.

2019 RHP Rafael Perez (Canovanas PR)

  • 6-2 / 170
  • B/T: R/R
  • Uncommitted

643 Recruiting Profile: https://www.643sportsmgmt.com/user/Rafaelperez35/

11/11/2019 Workout Report:  FB up to 78MPH with deception and a Cv to go with it.  Rafael is 6-2 and athletic thus his main needs are improvement mechanically and added arm strength.  He needs to be around the strike zone more consistently for his stuff to play up.

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