How do I improve my chances of getting recruited to play College ⚾️?


There are several best practices we recommend for players to get noticed, among them are:

  • Provide accurate information – This is the most critical part of the process. Be honest and upfront about your information, specially your athletic ability.  If you are a pitcher and your fastball tops out at 85MPH don’t put 87MPH to impress a coach.  College Coaches will know when the information you provide is inaccurate and that will essentially eliminate your chances of being recruited.

C Ivan Arce (2016 HS Class)

  • Upload quality video – Providing quality video is another critical ingredient of the recruiting process.  You need to prove that the athletic information in your profile is accurate, whether it’s your 60Yd Dash time or your INF/OF MPH if you are a position player, ensure coaches can see the radar gun and stopwatch on your videos. Check out our videos and call us to schedule YOURS!
  • Take proper angles on your video – For example, while hitting a side, back and front view is recommended, while the same applies for defense. Make sure coaches can see and asses your tools, your speed, range, carry on your throws, your catch and throw release, how you track down a ball in the gap and so forth.  You can access our YouTube video channel for some examples on videos by position.
  • Include game videos – Whether you record or stream a live video to a social platform such as periscope, make sure you include videos of game action besides workouts.
  • Involve your HS and/or Club Coach – HS Coaches play a significant role in the recruiting process. They are commonly a reliable source for college coaches when assessing a player’s athletic ability and makeup.  Your HS Coach can certify your skills or offer recommendation to a college coach on your behalf.  They can also give an honest assessment on which collegiate baseball level might fit you best both athletically and academically.
  • Be reasonable – Baseball at the collegiate level is very competitive, regardless of the level. Focus on finding the right fit for you, if its NCAA DIII don’t try to find a school at the NCAA DI level as it will further delay your recruiting process and end up as a dead end.  Connect with coaches whose schools can be a proper fit athletically and academically.

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