How can HS & Club Coaches assist Players in the College recruiting process?

  • Communication with College Coaches – HS Coaches are a very valuable link in the recruiting process, whether referring a player to a College Coach or providing a recommendation from a reliable source.
  • HS & Club Coaches can communicate with College Coaches by direct messages through the site.
  • Association – Players can associate their HS/Club Coaches to their profiles on the site.  This streamlines the communication with interested college coaches who can also have direct access to the player’s HS coach before deciding whether to recruit him.
  • Finding the right fit – HS Coaches can help players focus on opportunities at a collegiate baseball level that reasonably fit their athletic and academic ability.
  • Skills Certification – A HS Coach can certify a player’s skills with College Coaches by creating a review in the player’s profile. This provides credibility to the information provided by the player and allows College Coaches to get a referral directly from the HS/Club Coach or other Coaches active on the site.